Over 35 years of caring for all sorts of animals

Going away ? Working long hours ?

Horses and livestock

Morning tasks such as feeding, rugging up, letting out to graze, mucking out, poo picking.
I can do it
Home late ? Call me ! I can bring your horses/animals in, change rugs, feed and water. Bed them down for the night.
Going away ? I will take over your day to day routine. Nothing needs to change.
I trained with horses and have owned them for most of my life. I'm more than capable and care in a calm, compassionate way.


My whole life has been spent with dogs, we get on really well.   
Cats too have a special place in my heart and I'm happy to administer any medication required. 
I've cared for birds in the past and once stayed in a flat that had five Macaws that had the run of the place.   Feeding the wild birds is often on the To do List too.
Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils I love them all, although I did learn not to kiss gerbils after getting one stuck to my bottom lip .
Chickens and hens can be cared for and let in and out and away from Mr Fox. 
I have even cared for a garden of foxes and badgers; feeding them dog food at dusk.  I love them all. 

Exotic Animals

I've cared for plenty of different animals in my time. I worked in a zoo for a while caring for monkeys and penguins and other characters.
Snakes, spiders and lizards. All living things are amazing to me and all deserve to be cared for in a kind and sympathetic way.
I have a booking form that we can complete together, this will ensure that I know exactly how you would like me to care for your animals.
Going away for a few days or a few weeks I can keep you posted with daily updates.

Meet and greet

If you think I may be able to help then get it touch so that we can arrange a suitable time for me to come over and meet up with you and your pets.   
Its a good opportunity for me to find out about any specific requirements and a chance, of course, to meet the fluffs.  

Grooming                                                                                                                                               First Aid Trained 

I trained at the New York School of dog grooming                                                                                                    Able to administer insulin injection.
and have the equipment to clip and bathe smaller dogs.                                                                                      Give medication.
I can cut their nails , check and clean their ears.                                                                                                        Change dressings.
De flea.  A lovely warm bath can be a tonic for a dog.                                                                                              Take temperature.
Let me collect them and bring them back looking great and smelling fabulous.                                        Notice symptons early.